Thursday, April 29, 2010

kookoo for "coco"

i just wanted to share my love for anything "coco".


this all started with one of my regular visits to danny robert's blog (igor + andre), and was looking through the blogger portrait series...  i saw an image of coco rocha (see below), which brought me to her blog... and as i was reading, i became smitten!  so, this is how the coco-commotion started in my head - in a good way, of course!

so here's my list of "coco" loves:

from igor + andre's etsy shop
the same image featured in the "blogger portrait series".

coco rocha (isn't she gorgeous?) and her amazing blog.
check out this video she made for her fiance with her friend and roomie.

coco chanel - an innovator, a designer, a fashion icon.
"a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous!" - coco chanel

"coco before chanel", a  movie, starring audrey tautou.  
i love her in "amelie" too!

coco love alcorn - i love her songs!

coco, album by colbie caillat.  
her songs make me want to go hang out at the beach on a perfectly warm sunny day.

coco - aka. conan o'brian...  the funniest coco i know!

coco cake cupcakes
lyndsay sung's brown velour cupcakes, a must have!

coco(a) puffs (my hubby got me into these) - okay, it's not really a "coco" but it sounds like it!

...well, anything coco(a):  90% dark chocolate bars, or thomas haas chocolates and cakes!

coco(nut) juice - reminds me of my childhood, the fresh ones are the best!

...  because the smell reminds me of my tita (aunt) linda.  i love her sooo much!
... this ad is also a favorite of mine, i heart vanessa paradis!

coco - fashion illustrator

do you go kookoo for coco too?

happy thursday!
xo, carla


Jocelan Thiessen said...

i love conan aka coco and chanel too! nice blog!

Emmylou said...

coco for conan is the funniest! i find him very funny too. :)
crossstitching is finally taking shape. its so hard to squeeze in hobby time! how do you find time for your card hobby? i admire you for your creativity carla. :)

cArLa said...

@jocelan thiessen - thank you! you have a pretty amazing blog yourself... i'm a huge fan of your gnomes!

@emmylou - isn't he the funniest? post some photos of your projects when you're done, i'd love to see them... i just bought a 15x18, 14 count aida fabric! i usually wait until the lil man is asleep, so i literally lose sleep for the hobbies i love, that's why they take forever to finish... thanks a bunch!

jozen said...

this post is too cute!

love colbie... have you listened to her latest CD? it's just as good as coco.

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

mmmm...cocoa puffs!

cArLa said...

@ jozen - thanks... i will definitely listen to her new one!

@miss carlen - i know sooo yummy!