Wednesday, April 28, 2010

beautiful inside and out

i just attended my first card class last saturday!  i loved how everything is cut out, so it makes putting the card elements together, a breeze (i wish it was like that, everytime i make a card - lol)!  the class was called "beautiful on the inside out" by alexis easton, held at the precious memories scrapbooking store in langley.  this class caught my attention, because it focuses on decorating the inside of the card as well...  it was a great way to meet fellow scrapbook / card-making enthusiasts, learn new ideas / techniques, and feel more inspired!

i'm a huge fan of decorating the inside of cards...  here's one of the cards i made last year:

the main collage photo (on the left) shows the inside of the card - i made a pocket for a gift card on the top of the inside flap.

the three inset photos on the right are:   
  • the front of the card with the envelope;  
  • the back of the card with the "bcd" logo (i drew the branch and musical notes in ink);  
  • the front of the card showing the raised birds (with the help of foam double sided tape).
i used turquoise card stock, a dcwv embossed blank card and envelope, basic grey patterned paper, american crafts stickers, and uniball signo pen in black.

and, here's what i did in class:

here's the box we made using the scor-pal.

 ... and the cards are made with my mind's eye patterned paper.

card #1:

card # 2:

card # 3:

card # 4:

and my favorite, card # 5:

for the class schedule at precious memories, click here.

hope you enjoyed it!  happy wednesday!
xo, carla


Me said...

So when will you be selling cards online?

You did a fantastic job Carla!! You're very creative, you need to join Etsy soon :)

cArLa said...

@ noemi - thank you! i just like doing cards as a hobby (i still am working on stuff to put in my "shop" (drawings / paintings) - it is a long process for me, since time is so scarce)... i decided to take a card class for fun... i'm going to another one in may! i'm so excited, this one has a zen-ish theme to it. i can't wait!

ricebabies said...

Ohhhh, you know I am in love with those first cards, that blue bird. I also love the box, is that wierd, i dont know why I like boxes, empty ones too. ha ha

You are so talented in so many areas. Dom is a lucky boy.

cArLa said...

@ ricebabies - lol, that's not weird at all... just funny! i have a tonne of boxes that need to be filled - i guess i better organize myself, so bry doesn't get on my case about my creative mess!

jozen said...

carla, you never cease to amaze me! thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations with us :)

junesanjuan said...

hey i recognize that 1st card you made. you gave that to us on our anniversary! i loved it!

cArLa said...

@ jozen - thanks so much, i wish i could take the credit for designing the cards from the class, but it does help with ideas, so i just wanted to share those too.

@junesanjuan - it was fun to make, i'm glad you like it, so are you taking any card classes soon? i'm thinking of taking classic cards with kioshi...

Emmylou said...

very artistic Carla! Keep it up. :)

cArLa said...

@ emmylou - thank you! how's the x-stitch project coming along?

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

those are awesome carla! I love did such a fantastic job. thank you for sharing. i can't wait to see what else you come up with...that owl one is sooo cute!

Alexis said...

awww, thanks for posting pics from the card class. I'm glad you had a good time. The photos you have taken of your cards are beautiful!! I'm happy to see you are taking some time for you to be creative and to come out to other classes!! I am hoping there will be a spot for me in the kioshi class too!! So i may see you there. (I get last picks - being a teacher... so hopefully there will be a spot available)

Thanks again!!
Have a great day!!
Happy Creating!!