Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ohhh babies...

firstly, i want to wish my brother, rudy, a very happy birthday (we love you very, very, very much) - who was also a very cute baby boy!  did you know that i gave him his nickname?  i was learning phonics at the age of 2 and as i was reciting, "a - apple, b- boy!"  i pointed at my lil' bro and the name stuck!  ever since, we've called him "biboy".  and it doesn't matter how old we get, i'll always see him as the little boy who loved burgers and ice cream as much as i did...

i also made this post as a tribute to my friends who just had some new wee ones...  their babies are so cute that i just can't get enough of them.  whenever i get a chance to see them, i fall in love over and over again...

let's start with some cuties with glasses:

"big glasses" (source) - this reminds me of darla from the little rascals

photo by jose luis pelaez

photo by tamara p.

 "4-eyed babe" - by the sweetestnest

some mini music lovers:

photo by  kristian d'amato

... yes, that's a diaper on his head!


some with funny faces:




some taking on a persona:

i just love this one for the most obvious reasons - tattoo love ;)

as ziggy stardust (aka. david bowie), the jean genie


some with sunglasses:

"camille" by priscilla estrela

"the cutest girl" by Nazza3a



some sleeping babes:

"book worm" by adele enersen, the creator of mila's daydreams (one of the cutest blogs out there...)

"sleepy sisters" by nikkicolleen

i think this is the cutest sleeping photo "max" has ever had...

of course this post won't be complete without adding one of my favorite photos of dom as a baby:

at 4 mos... taken at harrison, b.c.  (we were there to watch the "harrisand - sand sculpting competition)

i hope this post made you smile...
happy tuesday!
xo, carla

Sunday, August 22, 2010

artist feature: angelique houtkamp

i've always been a fan of old school tattoos.  so, it was so natural for me to be drawn to angelique houtkamp's art! angelique hails from netherlands and is a painter and a tattoo artist!  she currently works at admiraal tattoo in amsterdam.


i love that her paintings exude the beauty of the ladies in the 1920's and 1930's.  they are playful and funny too...  she currently has two books out:  tattoo darling (2007), and tattoo mystique (2009).

i'm eagerly waiting for her third book:   black and white linedrawings - perfect for tattoo artists (as flash, or templates) perhaps, or for a fan, like me!

here are some of angelique's work that i absolutely adore:






"love hate"





"pookie ann"

"sailor's sweetheart"


i hope you enjoyed her as much as i do...  if you would like to follow angelique's work, check out the following links:

all images in this post are courtesy and with the permission of angelique houtkamp.  if you wish to re-blog or publish this photo at any photo sharing websites, please contact her at angelique@salonserpent.comthank you!

before i go, i just wanted to add this to the post:  amazing make up artistry and a self-portrait by josephine love, using houtkamp's "augusta" as an inspiration...


happy monday!
xoxo, carla

Friday, August 13, 2010

just B-cause...

i love beyonce...  i absolutely love the vintage esthetic of the video, and i can't get enough of her blue nail polish too!

who are your favorite singers?  what music videos do you like or love?

happy friday!
xo, carla

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

sketchbook project 2011

i read about the sketchbook project last month.  it's such a wonderful way to view art from all over the world!

through blogging, tweeting, and tumblring, i met so many wonderfully creative people!  so, i wanted to spread the word to those of you who might be interested, it's a challenge to fill a moleskin sketchbook (the number of pages can be altered), based on a theme.  selected sketchbooks will then be exhibited at select galleries all over the united states starting on march 2011, and will reside at the brooklyn art gallery when the tour ends.

read more about the sketchbook project here!

if you want to participate, the deadline to sign up is on october 31, 2010.  the sketchbook needs to be completed and received by january 15, 2010.

happy tuesday!
xo, carla

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

because i always wished i had hair like her...

sorry that i've been gone for what feels like forever!  i've been so busy, with so many things... we just came back from one of the best long weekend getaways, we potty trained our boy, etc...

i was just browsing through my drafts and realized that i forgot to publish this - i wrote it back in march 2010!  so, while i'm working on other things, i hope this entertains you.

i have very fine hair, so most of the time it's long, straight, parted either sideways or in the middle - nothing too exciting.  even when i was younger, i longed for thick, wavy, or curly hair.  back in the early 90's  i attempted to style my hair with the little flip in the front - which always ended up looking like a flat pancake stuck on top of my forehead (the photo below is what it was supposed to look like).  so, ever since, i've decided to get someone else to do my hair - a well-thought out solution indeed!

 (source: flickr)

i'm no expert hair stylist, but i've always been a fan of rockabilly / pin-up / 50's hairstyles.  the are so intricate and well, coiffed!  here are some of those hairstyles:  some modern, inspired, and original...

i love gwen stefani!

(source:  askmen.com)

(source: about.com)

  (source:  weheartit.com)

i can't forget about bettie page:

(source:  google.ca)

...and some inpired by bettie's look:

beyonce on video phone (source: google.ca)

(source:  weheartit.com)

the tokyo rockabilly craze (aka. tokyobilly).  check out the pompadour hair that the men are rockin'!  truly inspired by elvis!

(source:  littlenipon.blogspot.com)

(source:  weheartit.com)

here are some rockabilly inspired finds - hair, tattoos, 50's love:

you might recognize the girl in the middle, it's kat von d.  i love her - she is too cute!

 "the unappreciated gift" by sunnybuick

rockabilly / tattoo pumps at hipsterchic.com

tattooed lady posable paper doll by illustratedink

fan of feathers rockabilly girl print by debStore

 tattooed lady print by missbrigette

pearl dress by fablesbybarrie

american hellbillies (spoof of american gothic painting) by nikscarlett

vintage boxer sings a rainbow print by pinkytoast

one of the reasons why i love rockabilly style, hair, tattoos, and the 50's???   this cult classic that i am sooo in love with...

do you have any favorite rockabilly inspired things, likes, etc?

happy wednesday!
xo, carla