Sunday, April 25, 2010

pattern giveaway

i was searching for cross-stitching patterns on etsy, and i found this amazing shop by andwabisabi!  i love all of her cute patterns!  here are a couple of my favorites:

her blog shows all of her work too, and i was so happy to hear that voleur de bijoux is having a giveaway of 7 of andwabisabi`s cross-stitching patterns!  check out the give away here.  voleur de bijoux makes amazing jewelry too, check out her shop here.

good luck and happy sunday everyone!
xo, carla


Voleurdebijoux said...

Thank you so much for this excellent blog promo about Andwabisabi's fabulous giveaway, Carla!

Voleur de Bijoux

jozen said...

cool! i don't cross stitch but her patterns are amazing!

Ladybastard said...

OMG that whale is the cutest *-*
Love u! ;)

cArLa said...

@ voleur - you're welcome!
@jozen & lady b - thanks, aren't they adorable?

ricebabies said...

I like the whale, I use to cross stitch but I like embroidering better.

cArLa said...

@ ricebabies - yeah, embroidering is great too... i just got some of my mom's old cross-stitching projects... so i'm feeling into x-stitching right now - lol.