Sunday, October 31, 2010

all hallow's eve

hello everyone!  just wanted to wish you all a very happy halloween.  it is my favorite holiday of the year.  it's fun, creative, full of laughs, and scares! 

our son, is looking forward to this day too!  he's been asking us to "go to halloween" everytime he sees a jack o'lantern or a pumpkin.  he's sooo excited to be buzz lightyear, and is looking forward to receiving candies "from ghosts and monsters" - his exact words. 

have a spooky one!
xo, carla

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

artist feature: pretty little thieves

i discovered pretty little thieves through a beautiful mess, and i've been following nancy mungcal's work ever since...  not only is this selft-taught artist,  talented, but she is also a philanthropist.  i was lucky enough to own a couple of her original works through etsy (which were for a good cause too).

"the community"

get to know the talent behind pretty little thieves, nancy mungcal:


CD (me):  could you share a little bit about yourself?

NM (nancy mungcal):  i wear glasses and currently live in california.  i am inspired by my family and friends, music, books, art, photography, design, and travel.  i love animals especially pugs and wolves.  i wish i could play the guitar.  i feel lucky to get to share my work.

"bird like"
CD:  what is your approach when it comes to composition?

NM:  i constantly fill notebooks and sketchbooks so i often refer to the things i've drawn or jotted down to inform my work.  at other times, the work comes together in the process

"support group"

CD:  who are the most influential artist that you look up to?  and what drew you into their work.

NM:  i find music and books to be transforming.  i find myself insfluenced and inspired by the work of my favorite musicians and writers.  i am drawn to the emotions and stories told.

"her outlook was different"

CD:  your work, in my opinion, sends a beautiful yet melancholic emotion.  is this intentional?

NM:  thank you for the wonderful compliment.  it is unintentional but tends to show up naturally.

"your black heart"

CD:  how do you like the viewers of your work to feel?

NM:  the really amazing thing about art is that the viewer connects to the work in their own way.  to me, the biggest compliments about my work i have received have been the ones where my work has reminded the viewer of herself, or a friend, or a sister.

"two heads are better than one"

CD:  do you have a favorite piece, out of the works you've created? 

NM:  i don't have a favorite piece but i tend to have some pieces that i can't let go of.

"crazy talk"

CD:  some artists, create a series of their work.   do you like doing this?  does it influence you to create works based on a theme?

NM:  there seems to be prevalent themes in my work like loss, heartache, friendship, duality, sisterhood, and sadness.  these seems inherent and are constantly influencing my work.

"a real mess"

CD:  do you have an inspirational place?  if so, where is it and why?

NM:  i'm a fan of road trips and finding or discovering new places to be real inspiring.  i also find the woods to be amazing magical places

"the things we share"

CD:  a lot of us were affected by or moved by the gulf oil crisis...  what are your views on it?  what inspired the creation of "for your friends"?

NM:  i found the gulf oil crisis devastating.  the images of the animals covered in oil were especially difficult to see.  "for your friends" was actually a painting my five year old niece asked me to paint.

"for your friends"

CD:  can you share some of your future plans, fund-raising causes you participate in, or the direction of your most recent work?

NM:  to continue to put my work out there, to find new avenues for my work, and to help when i can to raise funds for causes that i believe in.

collage of earlier works for the drawing for a cure project

CD:  what keeps you motivated to do what you do?

NM:  a love and a fierce (stubborn) determination for the creative process.

"what matters to us"

CD:  do you have any advice to give aspiring artists?

NM:  i'll share the advice i've been given, which are:  don't wait, keep putting your work out there, don't give up, and always be brave.  i remind myself of these constantly.

"friends with glasses"



i hope you enjoyed pretty little thieves! 


Monday, October 11, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

to my fellow canadians,


wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

xo, carla

Thursday, October 7, 2010

dom-isms: reading between the lines

my brother in law (dom's godfather) is an avid collector of mint condition transformer action figures...  everytime my son gets a glimpse of his collection, it tempts him to touch or play with them...


so, after we all got together for dinner, dom asked his godfather, "ninong, can i play with your toys?"

ninong replied, "if you do, i'll cut off your fingers!" - in a joking manner, of course.

dom looks back at us and nonchalantly says, "i guess he said no."

happy thursday everyone!
xo, carla