Saturday, May 1, 2010

romeo and juliet

the first movie my hubby and i watched together (our first date) was, romeo and juliet, by baz luhrmann.  it was a great movie and it holds so much sentiment - to me anyways.  

here are more romeo and juliet finds:

igor + andre's romeo and juliet prints

 bird confetti by onecrafteemumma 
these are punched from vintage romeo and juliet play sheets.

romeo and juliet by paink

romeo and juliet by ulafish

heart and key - theblackapple

romeo and juliet - by Q8 camera shy

romeo and juliet - vogue

gift of marriage - diesel dan

makes me want to see this...  gotta convince hubby first.  any tips?

 what was your favorite date movie? 

happy friday!
xo, carla


Emerald Window said...

How Bizarre is this! Our first movie was Romeo and Juliet also, but the one with Olivia Hussey. It was a double feature and the other movie was Brother Sun, Sister Moon, which I believe was about St. Francis of Assisi. I hadn't thought about that for a long time. Actually, it technically wasn't our first date either, we weren't dating yet, just friends. A bunch of us all snuck into the drive-in in the back of our friend's van and then backed the van in and opened the back doors. It was great. We didn't start dating for another 2 years.
Thanks for the memories.

cArLa said...

@ cenya - oh that's so wonderful! i love your story, it's so romantic... although only friends at the time, isn't it great that you can share and reminisce about this now? btw, i love olivia hussey, she's is such a foxy lady! i've seen the romeo and juliet movie with her too. xo, carla (brother sun and sister moon will be on my list of must see movies - thank you!)

ricebabies said...

OHHH, I LOVE that movie so much. I love that Twilight mentions it too.BUT with that I am a Jacob fan, so does that mean I would be anti Romeo? he he

cArLa said...

@ ricebabies - i know, baz luhrmann is a great director! anti-romeo??? oh no!!! edward forever! LOL

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Loved Baz Luhrmann's 'Moulin Rouge'..
didn't catch Romeo and Juliet...though my kids loved it!

Ladybastard said...

Woooooooooow I ADORE this movie! so much!
I always cry at the end! *__*
and i think the actors, music and locations are PERFECT!!

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

Oh I adore this movie! The soundtrack is my all time favourite!!! wasn't a huge John leguizamo fan but Leo made up for it! thanks for bringing hack memories! I'm going to dig that soundtrack up!

cArLa said...

@ cmz art - you should watch it, it's pretty good! i love moulin rouge too, luhrmann is great!

@ ladybastard - i couldn't agree with you more...

@ miss carlen - the soundtrack is pretty amazing, isn't it?