Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i really love munny!

i love munny, who doesn't?   these first caught my eye at an art shop years ago... they range from $ 10 - 200 for a 4 inch to an 18 inch vinyl figure!


it's amazing what you can do to customize these amazing dolls!  you can  use crayons, markers, pens, paints, polymer clay...  the media that can be used seem limitless!  here are some images i found:

kodak brownie hawkeye flash munny (source) - for photography buffs out there

(source) - simply, cute!

bug jar munny (source) - i really liked the shape of the teeth!  dom calls it the "sock monster".

 heart munny by michael byers

munny speakers (source) - they really work!

 vega munny (source)

this is found here + 59 more...

here are some cute etsy finds too:

button eyes pink monster munny by babyfoot21

lil red hoodie by alfienumeric

 zombuki munny - this is my favorite on etsy!

some inspired by pop culture:

davy jones munny (source) - aaarrrgh!

buddha munny (source)

master chief munny from halo (source) - this is for you b!

yakuza munny (source) - the detail on this one is amazing!

 hello kitty nautical munny (source) - for hk fans everywhere!
gogo yubari munny (source) - kill bill!!!  she is such a cool villain.

spock munny (source)

super homer munny (source)

don't these creations make you want to customize one for yourself?  if you ever wanted to create an art doll without having to sew one, you can always get a munny!

happy wednesday!
xo, carla


jozen said...

nilo has one but has never taken it out of the box. i might just have to show him these pics! he might be inspired!

elledee said...

ha, these are cute! I didn't even know about these!

cArLa said...

@ jozen - oooh, he has to take it out and customize it... they must be fun to make!

@elledee - thanks, i'm glad that my post is spreading the word.

take care, carla

ricebabies said...


Wanted to say hi. Havent had time to make it to my fav blog stops this week.

I have one, it's actaullu designed with pencil but not painted. You can find them at Volatge on Main, if you ever want I can grab one for you.

Ladybastard said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww munny!! I have one too :D

cArLa said...

@ ricebabies - cool, i'd love to see it one day! i've always wanted to make one... i'll let you know which one, if i don't get the chance to go myself, thanks so much!

@ ladybastard - oooh i'd love to see it too!