Friday, April 9, 2010

peeps + sushi = peepshi

i was just browsing on post secret, and found this:

sushi made out of marshmallow peeps, rice crispies, and fruit roll-ups or fruit by the foot!  i know easter is over, but this is too cute not to share...  definitely something i would make next easter, a baby shower, or a surreal gourmet-themed party perhaps?

after browsing on google, i actually found the recipe.  you can find the peepshi recipe on serious eats, posted by grace kang.

sugar rush anyone???

happy weekend!
xo, carla


jozen said...

too cute!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

These are too cute...and they probably taste good too!

Me said...

Oh my goodness!!! Peeps in sushi? LOL. Thanks so much for sharing this Carla, it totally made me laugh ;)

cArLa said...

@ jozen - i know i wish i found it before easter...

@ rustic goth - i really want to find some peeps, and try it out - imagine the sugar rush??? gotta keep that far away from my 2 yr old!

@ noemi - i was laughing too, so cute!