Saturday, April 17, 2010

arts and crafts-style music videos

 "samson" by regina spektor

"honey, honey" by feist

the first two videos, are the ones who got me hooked on arts and crafts-style videos... here are two more that i adore...

"honey to my heartbeat" by sally seltmann

"heavens to purgatory" - the most serene republic

i love all the videos on this channel - very inspiring!

happy saturday!
xo, carla


Emerald Window said...

Wow! Those first two are already a couple of my favorite songs, but I had never seen the videos that went with them. Amazing. My neice is an animator in New York. I'm sending her the link to your blog so she can see this.

cArLa said...

oh that's great... maybe she can be inspired by them. i know i am... thanks cenya! does she have a blog too? if she does, can you send me a link? take care and happy sunday!