Sunday, January 15, 2012

cross-stitch portraits

just wanted to share a little project i did over the holidays.

i decided to make handmade presents for our family members.  inspired by martha stewart's cross-stitched portraits, i decided to create versions of my family members.

so, here they are:

below is a photo of my designs and martha stewart's templates.  i find, that the most exciting part of the project is designing and creating the templates.

i'm currently working on one with the whole family, starting with mine:

the finished portrait would probably be 5 inches by 24-30 inches...  i can't wait to show you!  i will also create a background & custom frame it.

i hope you enjoyed them!
xo, carla

Sunday, January 8, 2012

coming home embroidery

megan of studio m.m.e. is one of my favorite artists.  she is also one of the nicest people i know.  i love the whimsical subject matter & the detail of her illustrations.  when i found out that she would be creating embroidery versions of her art, i was ecstatic!  i was even more excited when she started selling patterns of her embroidery work!  you can get your own pattern at her shop on .

here is coming home, it is one of her works that i really admire:

as soon as i found time to work on the embroidery pattern, i jumped at the chance to finish it - quickly!  it`s been hectic lately (hence, my temporary hiatus from the blog.  more posts coming soon!).

here`s the finished product:

it was really fun to make and so easy!  i can`t wait to get my hands on the feeding the moon embroidery kit