Sunday, April 11, 2010

monday blues... on a sunday? nah...

don't you sometimes wish it was friday once again?  i do...  i keep thinking of what my two boys are doing at home or at play and it makes me a little sad...  i'm at work all by myself on sundays.  then again, it's nice to have time to think by myself - almost theraputic, like pressing the reset button! 

i do tend to think of what else i could be doing in my life to make it more exciting than it already is...  selfish?  not for a dreamer like me.  worried?  i have my days.  inspired?  definitely!

i don't mind it so much... music keeps me company!

this lovely poster by julia guther, sums it up:

music is my friend on days like this...  what keeps you company, when you are in solitude, or even when you are feeling the monday blues?
enjoy your sunday!
xo, carla


Ladybastard said...

you're so right!
music is a VERY good friend!
Big hug!

Me said...

How true! If it weren't for music, I think we'd all be very, very dull people! Have a wonderful day Carla :)

Emerald Window said...

Music and Chocolate!