Sunday, January 31, 2010

handmade goodness

guess what we got from the mail the other day???

...this amazing scarf from little trends! her store has a ton of amazing, practical, and trendy items for lil' ones. when you get a chance, pay her shop a little visit.

isn't this skull button adorable?!

this is the other scarf we originally bought from little trends' shop. isn't it cute?

Saturday, January 30, 2010


i'm a little late publishing my monthly art feature for january. so, i will have two artists feature next month... i figured that it would be more fitting, since it is the month to celebrate love. and, i love art, sooo much!

can you guess whose art are posted above?

xoxo, carla

dragon gloves!

my son, dominic, is smitten with these dragon gloves from our friends - thank you! he also calls them his "dinosaur gloves". he gets sooo many complements, i think that it should be a regular item on etsy! so, kellie if you are reading this, make more! it is definitely a hit with dom...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

alice-inspired nails

i am posting another alice in wonderland update... for nails! i wore this last week actually. opi launched the new series of nail colors and they are appropriately named (left to right): off with her red, absolutely alice, mad as a hatter, and thanks so muchness. as a true lover of blues and greens, i chose to show you absolutely alice! i really HATE glitter-based polishes, as they take FOREVER to remove, but this one is worth it! when i say forever, it took me a good 40 minutes to get rid of the polish with my trusty acetone and cotton. thinking about it makes me cringe...

isn't it lovely though? you can't really see it , but it has tiny flecks of gold within the blue. from afar, it shows up turquoise.

here's my attempt to capture the flecks of glitter with my scope at work... shhh, please don't tell.

happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


everytime our lil' guy sees the skytrain (part of the lower mainland/vancouver, british columbia transit system - for those who are wondering...), he gets super excited and makes sure that we know that one of them is passing by.

so, naturally, we took him for a ride on the skytrain - for being a "good" boy...

here are some photos from our lil' adventure:

dom and daddy paying for our passes,

sitting inside the train,

looking out the window,

... and arriving at our destination!
dom said, "mommy, i like the ride in the kai-train!" thank goodness for little boys, i love him so...

Friday, January 15, 2010

mini burgers? sliders?

... nope, they are cupcakes!

i made these last summer, they were so fun to make. a box each of white and chocolate cake mix, frosting, food coloring (and sesame seeds, too!), and let your creative juices flow... i made them for my friends... one of them was deeply disappointed, he thought they were mini burgers! ha ha ha.

here's a fun idea from bakerella! for father's day or any occasion...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

carla in wonderland...

...because i am so excited to see alice in wonderland and the fact that tim burton (one of my favorite directors) will be directing it! i was wandering around online and found some wonderland-inspired cuteness on and i hope you like them!

this cute outfit made for a blythe doll by blythelove at

this photo is from lenny's this website is full of information for all the wonderland fans out there...

this art print is by jasmine becket-griffith aka. strangeling at

aren't these cupcakes sooo cute?! i found them at

these custom dolls are made by frootkake at

here are some handmade puppets found at by goobeetsa .

this adorable book art is found at

the tim burton rendition of alice in wonderland is set to release on march 5, 2010! i have a feeling that this movie will be visually captivating, dark, and a fairytale come to life! you can learn more about the film at their official website, or see the trailer, here.

whip it, whip it good!

have you heard of whip it, a movie, directed by drew barrymore? i just watched it and it is one of the coolest, funniest, and lovable movies i've ever seen... check out the trailer! (photo cred:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

girlish whimsy

i accidentally deleted my last post on custom blythe dolls :(

so instead of crying senseless tears, i went on a hunt to find more customs! it didn't seem like such a loss after all, because it was super fun! here are some of my favorites and also some images from my original post:

here is the first set of dolls... i'm going for movie-themed customs. i found these amazing dolls here.

this one is "sayuri", she reminds me of the movie, memoirs of a geisha... look at the lash detail and the painted lower lip.

here's a shot with her gray eyes:

this is "cruella de vil" (cruella de ville), from 101 dalmatians:

if you are a baz luhrmann fan, you would appreciate this, "satine", from moulin rouge:

this one is named, "janet". i just love the photo... it makes me sooo happy!

i love how the drawing becomes a blythe, she's named, "shayana".

i love the eyes on "scarlet"...

the next images are from esthy and lulla on flickr. you can also find more photos on esthy's blog.

here's a close-up of "ouija". look at her lips! isn't the detail amazing?
and here is "ouija" with a nightmare before christmas doll, how cute!

another one by esthy and lulla, her eyes are so adorable!

the following images are by picara on flickr:

this is "lenore"

this is "charlize", the marionette:

and a baroque blythe:

this one is by puchi collective. i love how the bunny resembles mark ryden's "snow yak", and the bunny in "the magic circus".

this one is by tempurashrimp on flickr:

aqua is my one of my favorite colors, because i adore everything blue and green. this is from weheartit.

it's only right that i end this post with another movie-inspired, custom blythe doll creation:

i fell in love with this instantly. edward scissorhands! - how can you go wrong??? isn't it the cutest? (photo cred: weheartit)

i think this is my longest post, so far... i hope you enjoyed the wonderful art! *sigh*, i did...