Friday, December 31, 2010

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there are lots to be thankful for in 2010, but it's time to say goodbye.  we are extremely excited for 2011 to arrive, another year to start off fresh...

so, here's to a very happy 2011 to all of you.   may it be better than last year!!!
xo, carla

Sunday, December 26, 2010

she belongs to a "madeline" too...

i say this, because i previously made one for a girl named, madeline.  this doll is for my neighbor's daughter.  she is a very sweet girl with blond hair and blue eyes.

here's the doll i made her, using the black apple tutorial for the basic pattern, and customizing the other details to make it unique.  i added a scarf and sleeves to this doll - it is winter, afterall.

a detailed shot of her eye (i modified it to add an iris and highlights)

a detailed shot of her flower hair clip (inspired by a friend of mine)

a detailed shot of the embroidered monogram

i hope you liked it.  now, i'm off to make one for another girl whose favorite pastel colors are:  blue, pink, and purple...
xo, carla

Thursday, December 23, 2010

all things merry and bright

my family and i would like to wish you, a very merry Christmas!  this season is extra special because our "bun in the oven" is 20 weeks old, and doing well.

i couldn't find a "we're expecting" ornament.  so, here's a felt one that i made for him/her... 
i would like to share lil' man's santa photo too.  he was so excited to see santa, it seemed like the only thing he wanted for Christmas.  he was asking us to see santa for weeks.  when he finally got his chance to sit on old saint nick's lap, he didn't want to talk to him, or smile for the camera.  so, santa ended up tickling him to conjure up a smile.  dom is stifling his laughter, and kicking his feet in this photo (notice his hands?  that's all him - LOL).

i was so inspired by the beautiful Christmas trees i saw while browsing around.  so, here are some of my favorites:


(source - image at
by buro north  (source)
here are some of my favorite ornaments:

"green ornament" by kira shaimanova
"the tiniest deer" by skunkboy creatures (this is a birthday gift, but it would make a great ornament, wouldn't it?!)
aren't those ornaments cute?  also, check out more unique trees here!

enjoy this wonderful time with the people that are closest to your heart.
xo, carla

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

warm hands = warm heart

first and foremost, i would like to thank ilene and sandy for creating this wonderful swap, and for giving us all an opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and gain new friends too!

i was lucky enough to be partnered with a wonderful and creative lady, emily smolak of "sassy smolak".

i'm so happy to meet her because she is so lovely!  as i was reading her blog, i came across her wedding photos.  i was so inspired by her favorite colors (also her wedding colors).  so, i visited a few stores, but still couldn't find the perfect gloves for her...  finally, i decided to visit one of my favorite online stores, etsy, and i came across love driven's shop!  the moment i saw the smittens, i knew i found the perfect pair.  heather (of love driven), customized a pair with two of emily's favorite colors, purple and orange!

these are the goodies that emily sent me:

i received tuquoise gloves by mossimo, cards by the craft pantry, and a beautiful wood garland!  thank you so much emily!!!  i absolutely love all of them!

hope your week is as wonderful as mine (or even better)!
xo, carla