Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year!!!

what 2009 would say to 2010... about us! LOL...

i love how the "9" is flying away...

these images are from we(heart)it. really cute! wanted to share them with you... hope your new year will be awesome.

2010, i welcome you with open arms...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

send me a picture already!

i've been bugging one of my best friends to send me a photo of her daughters for more than 5 mos. so, i finally gave up asking. our friends usually arrange a gathering whenever she's in town. we also do a gift exchange when our get-together ends up being around a holiday season. so, we set up a secret santa... and guess who ended up getting me and vice versa...

so i get the chance to open my gifts, and this was the first thing i open up! isn't it a beautiful snow globe?!

(it definitely makes up for the second gift, which was a toronto maple leaf door mat - oh the horror!)

it's the best Christmas gift, ever! thank you!!!!!

i think that the holidays took a toll on my blogging

i'm back after a busy holiday season... just really enjoyed spending quality time with my family (when i wasn't at work). i'm more relaxed as soon as Christmas is over. don't get me wrong, i adore Christmas, it's one of my favorite holidays - the other is halloween. i hope you had an awesome holiday, i definitely did. here's a sneak peek of what's to come on my next blog... it's never too late to blog Christmas and good times... this is dominic's Christmas ornament for 2009.