Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bento box love *__*

i joined my first swap last march.  it's called, "plush lunch" on swap bot, hosted by the paperista.  my partner is from "hot"lanta, georgia...  so, i wanted to send her something that is very popular in the northwest...  sushi!  my swap partner is an amazing seamstress / eco-warrior! she also has this great etsy shop that features all of her eco-friendly products / creations.  that being said, i had to make sure that i used materials that are earth friendly too.  i found some felt at a local fabric store and guess what?  they are made from post-consumer recycled bottles, by a company called, ecospun

i'm a newbie in creating felt foods, so i entrusted etsy to find me a sushi pattern for my swap.  i ended up purchasing a pattern from umecrafts!  you should check out the shop, it has sooo many amazing felt food patterns to choose from, like these dessert items:

here is my interpretation of umecrafts' sushi pattern:



 ebi /shrimp

geoduck (clam)/mirogai

ika /squid

cucumber/kappa maki, tuna/maguro maki, and house rolls/futo maki (both futo maki, on the far right, are designed by me)


tuna/maguro nigiri, and salmon/sake nigiri


tamago/egg nigiri

bento tray and soy sauce trays (the flower applique on both is added by me, and used umecrafts' soy sauce tray pattern to help create a bento tray)

the finished felt sushi bento box:

since we're in the topic of lunch, check out these cute bento boxes (courtesy of

i hope you liked the felt sushi and bento boxes!   i'm contemplating on some cross-stitching in the near future (feeling inspired, because i just acquired some of my mom's cross-stitching projects.  thanks dad!!!)... will share those with you soon!

happy wednesday!
xo, carla


jozen said...

carla!! you are amazing. zoe and pia would totally love your sushi bento box!!

Jen Kim said...

whoa, i totally love your project! what a great swapper you are, excellent work ;-)

rachel johnson said...

Amazing felt sushi!! Great job!

(and thanks for using Swap-bot! I'm an admin there. xoxo)

cArLa said...

@ jozen - thank you? would you like me to make them one?

@ jen kim - thanks so much, it's my first time making them... the pattern instructions were pretty easy.

@ rachel johnson - thanks, i love swapbot too, i can't wait to join more swaps in the future!