Friday, April 16, 2010

childhood whimsy

i remember meeting kiki and lala for the very first time...

my parents bought me a "little twin stars" tin box... that i still own, up to now.  the tin box is a little beat up, but i can't help but love it to pieces.  i just can't find it in my heart to throw it away.

it was with me back in the day, when used to live in the philippines.  that being said, it has a very sentimental value to me.  isn't it amazing how a piece of item, a certain scent, or an image can transport you back to your childhood?  i used to place all of my most cherished items in that box - photos, stickers, stationery, and my favorite pens, pencils, and erasers (the ones that have fruity scents to them, did you own one of those?).  i use it now to store some of my jewelry, so in a way, it still holds some of my precious items.

what item makes you sit, and reminisce about your childhood?

happy friday!
xo, carla


jozen said...

awe! i was a sanrio girl myself. loved my melody and hello kitty of course!!

care bears, rainbow brite and the smurfs were also part of my childhood memories.

Emily said...

I love your style. So creative, fresh, and fun. Kiki and lala are darling.

Oh! And you won the dish mat you lukcy girl!:)

Email me with your mailing

Do you like the fabric I used? If not, I can send you a few more options---I just got a few fun new prints the other day.

Okay I'll stop writing now.:)

Little Trends said...

ahhh!! littlw twin starts...i was a tuxedo sam and keroppi girl ;)

bunny mama said...

I love your lunch box :) It's super cute.