Monday, May 31, 2010

sketchbook diary entry # 3

playing with an ink pen with a brush tip.  gave her a beauty mark, a la marilyn monroe (mine's just lower)...

happy monday!
xo, carla

Sunday, May 30, 2010

giveaway from ladybastard!!!

just wanted to let you know about this great giveaway for all things kawaii...  if you love it like i do, click here and leave a comment. 

good luck!

happy sunday!
xo, carla

Friday, May 28, 2010

just a note...

just in case you were wondering where i've been...  i'm loving this right now...  so, when you get a chance, drop by and visit me here.


happy friday!
xoxo, carla

Monday, May 24, 2010

sketchbook diary: entry # 2

inspired by "cry baby"...

happy monday!
xo, carla

Friday, May 21, 2010

gone are the days of the potential mullet

it's always been a struggle to get our lil guy to sit still as he gets a haircut.  i even attempted to trim his hair - which ended up looking like "moe" from the three stooges.

so, we usually end up growing it out, quite long sometimes, because he's not a huge fan of getting his hair cut.  here's dom (at a year old) before his very first haircut:

 i do miss this hair on him...

so, that being said, this is how the semi-mullet came to fruition...  a friend of ours used an electric razor to cut dom's hair.  prior to this, all of his haircuts involved a comb and a pair of scissors.  i think the sound may have been a little intimidating.  dom decided that he doesn't like the razor very much and, that he didn't want to sit anymore (meaning - he had a major cry-fest and freak-out)... so, he ended up with a faux-hawk, just like dad!  i wish i had a better photo, but here's one taken with my phone: 

it was really cute, until a week later - when it started to grow out.  we would try to coax him to get a haircut or a trim to maintiain the look, but he was so traumatized the last time that even chocolate didn't help!  so the half-mullet was born...


on top of his growing mullet, a major tail was in the works too (twice as long as the one shown above), and the sides were looking like the top of a chia pet...

so i said, time for a hair intervention...

dom is almost three and can pretty much maneuver himself around (he's only allowed to browse for less than 15 minutes at a time) - i think it's his favorite website so far...  so, one morning i decided to do a little negotiation.   he gets to watch his show on pbs kids, if we go to the barber first.  in an instant, he agreed!  (a point goes to mom and dad - lol)

he was such a trooper, he was feeling a little hesitant at first, but a couple of kids came in and sat in their barber chairs, thank goodness for them!  the rest of the experience was a breeze! (thanks sharon for letting him spray water all over the place).

here he is with his "action shot" and his lollipop:

he's wearing his favorite pj's

hmmm, now that this worked, i wonder what else i can achieve with this successful negotiation???

happy friday!!! 
xo, carla

ps. i'm posting a sketch for the sketchbook diary this weekend, hope you come by and visit again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

black apple gallery showing

i completely forgot about this until a friend of mine mentioned it recently...  (thanks monica!)

emily martin of  "the black apple" is working on carnival-themed paintings, and tattooed dolls too!   i can't wait to see what she is going to come-up with next...  visit her blog for the latest on her "land of the midway" art series. 

happy thursday!
xo, carla

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i heart tattooed ladies

some wonderful things arrived in the mail today...  three tattooed ladies met me at work!

 (from left to right:  
"a new beginning 1953", "i'm your toy box", "and with unspoken ease i was your pet")

these tattooed ladies are my birthday gift!!!  and i love them to pieces - thank you, and i love you bryan and dom!   i was so happy to receive them, they certainly made my week.

i am amazed how many wonderful artists are in etsyamanda atkins, certainly, is one of them.  i've been eyeing her work for a while now, because she makes really beautiful paintings!  her etsy shop holds many more treasures, so stop by when you get a chance... her work will capture your heart!

she even has the most delicate and adorable paper dolls:

here are more of her paintings that i adore:

"remember when i loved you"

"adapting to you"

"rebecca and the raccoon"

"cecilia and beatrice"

"for antoine"

stop by her shop and let me know what you think...

amanda, thank you so much!!!

happy tuesday everyone!
xo, carla

please contact amanda atkins for permission, if you wish to re-post any images on your blog or any photo sharing websites.  each image is copywritten and watermarked to avoid any illegal distribution or reproductions.  thank you for your cooperation!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sketchbook diary

welcome to my diary of sketches.  i will be posting a sketch once a week.  a warning, they are pretty rough... lol!  to get started, here are two line drawings that i made a few months ago.

they might be inked or become paintings one day...  when???  time will tell.  i still have an unfinished painting that i started last may 2006...  yikes!

happy wednesday!
xo, carla

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cross-stitching love

i would like to share a sneak peek of my recent cross-stitching project:

i loved the pattern from the moment i laid eyes on it!  thanks to fashionwitch on etsy!!!

here are more x-stitching eye candy for you...

i'm really in love with this amelie pattern! by popsoupsupplies

betty boop in the birth of venus! by popsoupsupplies

the cutest sumo wrestlers by andwabisabi

 pin up by glenniz

 kiss (need i say more - lol)  by glenniz

 deer silouhette by kattuna

if you love silhouettes, here's another one by bellastitchery

tattoo inspired, swallows and banner by tinymodernist

eames chair by tinymodernist

happy stitching everyone!
xo, carla

Monday, May 10, 2010

card love with kioshi

i attended another card class at precious memories last thursday.

the class was taught by a very creative and an amazing lady, colleen...  it was so much fun!   so, here are the cards from the "classic cards with kioshi".  this is also another reason why i'm falling in love with purple.  basic grey's kioshi line of scrapbooking/cardmaking goods are so beautiful, and the color combinations are so zen!

card # 1 butterflies - my favorite card!

 this third image is 
of what i created on the inside of the card with punches 
- inspired by the main design of the card

card # 2 flowers:

card # 3 bouquet:

card # 4 bird:

card # 5 - my 2nd favorite!

after all those cards, we even got to take all of this home, chipboard stickers and a 6x6 inch paper pad!

to check out class schedules at precious memories, click here.

i hope you enjoyed it!  happy monday!
xo, carla

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

dearest mom,

i love you,

because you are phenomenal,

because you are beautiful,

because you are patient,

because you overcame so much,

because your love for dad is inspirational,

because you pray for me,

because you are my shoulder to cry on,

because you listen, and hear me,

because you care and understand,

because you are the glue that holds our family together,

because you accept me for who i am,

because you love my husband and son,

because you are you...

for all of these and more...

happy mother's day! 

i would also like to wish all the phenomenal mommies out there a wonderful happy mother's day!

xo, carla

Friday, May 7, 2010

tumblr, love, and bullets...

happy friday everyone!  i've made the decision to also join tumblr.

i found so many interesting blogs to follow there too!  if you'd like to come by and visit me, here's my link:

i'm planning to post photos of my sketches and other projects that are in the works, like my cross-stitching project, etc...  and reblogged art from my fellow tumblers!

so, this is what i am up to tonight...

"love and bullets" (bang bang babies) - by: bicicleta sem freio
(via tumblr)

my amazing family, friends, and i are going to an indoor gun range, also known as the "metal spa!"

what are your plans for the weekend?
xo, carla