Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter!!!

i couldn't possibly post nothing on easter!  wishing all of you a wonderful easter sunday!  i hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday.

here are some images to inspire and brighten your day:

a scene from amelie (one of my favorite movies)

an amazing egg tree!

buttons and embroidery

cuddling eggs

"where's waldo?"

bunny pancakes

beautiful decorated eggs

carved egg shells (aren't these amazing?)

bunny latte

traditional ukranian pysanky eggs

fifi lapin - world's most stylish bunnnies

faberge imperial easter egg (google)

amigurumi bunny bonbons

lady gaga!

felted eggs (cute!)

how can we forget about the cutest bunny out there?  thumper from bambi!

enjoy all your treats!

happy sunday!  i'm glad to be back...
xo, carla

(all images found at, unless indicated)


Lindsay said...

Hoppy Hoppy Easter!! (even though Im a day late) super cute pics!!!!

jozen said...

happy easter carla!!

ricebabies said...

Happy Easter, you have the best eyes. Amelie is my fav all time moie, and those mustache eggs are sooooooooooooo cute.

Sandra said...

I love Amelie. :)
And all these pictures are so adorable, that even though easter passed, they still brightened up my day. :)

Me said...

I love all the cool things you find. Where's Waldo? So cute! The bunny in the cup? So so sweet. The egg tree?! WOW!!

Thanks so much for sharing this Carla :) I hope you had a wonderful Easter. And again, sorry about the April Fool's Day joke :)

Ladybastard said...

happy easter ^_^

cArLa said...

belated happy easter to all of you! i'm happy that they put a lil bit of sunshine to your day... (it's been pretty cloudy where i am right now - ha ha ha)

tinypaperheart said...

all of these bunny pictures made me smile!! :)

Ladybastard said...

You are so sweet!!!!
I'm following your blog too ^_*
so happy to have you as new friend ;)
love you!

sharonlei said...

Cute cute Cute!

xx Love & Aloha

* Leslie * said...

Oh I LOVE rabbits so I'm happy to discover your blog!
I follow!


Stephanie said...

Oh man all these pictures make me so happy :]

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Oh these pictures are all soooo wonderful!!
Thanks for sharing...wished I'd popped in BEFORE Easter...oh well..they still made me smile!!

cArLa said...

thank you everyone for your wonderful comments - it makes me so happy that you enjoy the images i picked out! xo, carla