Monday, March 15, 2010

a tag and a bag!

lola's girl tagged me... i'm it!

here are the contents of my purse...

  • "signo, micro 207" pen by uni-ball (they said it prevents cheque fraud - i just really like it because it doesn't smudge)
  • portable 4G usb drive (for photos, files, etc...)
  • baby stuff - book by aranzi aronzo
  • camera battery charger
  • empty camera case (because i used my camera to take the picture above - a picture of my camera below.  source:

  • my blackberry phone
  • matt & nat purse, and wallet
  • keys 
  • hand cream by cake in "snow woman" - smells sooo yummy!
  • lip gloss by philosophy in "caramel apple"
  • hand sanitizer by bath and body works in "warm vanilla sugar"
  • cool mango gum by excel
i did my part, so now it's your turn:  ricebabies, and katt!


Sandy said...

i was tagged by lola's girl too! hehe, i carry around a point and shoot camera with me all the time too! i will have to take pictures and make my post soon too! mmmm could i have a piece of mango gum please?? =)

jozen said...


love matt & natt purses too :)

cArLa said...

@ sandy - sure, come by and pick up your mango gum!

@ jozen - yeah, i'm addicted... always on the lookout for sales!