Sunday, March 28, 2010

custom card love

just wanted to share one of the custom cards i love to make from time to time.  this card was made for a very special baptism.  i used products from dymo, sassafras lass, paperbilities (at walmart), making memories, the "dollar" store (yes, there's a tonne of stuff there!), and DCWV embossed cards.

the hearts are hand-cut by moi.

a closer view, the stamp sticker inside the making memories grommet  is ...
from the dollar store!  can you believe it?  it's sooo cute!

a space above, for a personal message.  
i don't know if you can see it but i had to erase my message up there (thanks picnik!).

hand-cut embellishment... i wanted it to be a singing bird! 
paper from sassafras lass - loooves it!

i guess this would be the trade mark for my cards - lol!  (bcd - bryan, carla, and dominic!)

i hope you like it!

happy sunday everyone!  now, i'm off to work...

xo, carla


Tarsila Kruse said...

Carla! What a lovely surprise to get a comment from you and find your blog! Already following it! :)


jozen said...

oh, carla, i love your custom cards!

cArLa said...

@ tarsila - thanks for visiting and following my blog! i can't wait to see your next illustration!

@ jozen - thank you! it's too bad i can't do them often.