Monday, March 22, 2010

pirate boy

i am so lucky to be surrounded by very talented friends, and i am very proud of every single one of them.   one of these friends, is rice babies!

i first fell in love with this pirate girl she had at her etsy shop.  isn't she a cutie? 

after she sold the pirate girl, i was sooo sad i didn't snatch it up in the first place...

i also discovered how much care and detail is involved in making them.   i certainly have a new-found appreciation for this art form.

i really wanted one of rice babies' dolls in my collection.  so, she created this wonderful "boy" doll just for my lil' guy, dominic.  secretly, of course, it is really for me - i guess the secret's out!

i love this embroidery...

rice babies also makes the cutest felt crowns:

don't forget to stop by rice babies etsy shop, because you don't want to miss out on all of her wonderful creations!

bunny found a new friend! 

ps.  thank you for the book, fabric, and bubble tea!!!

xo, carla


ricebabies said...

They look like best mates. I can't wait to see your next creation. I won't spoil the surprise but I'm excited to see "him" when you are done.

lyndsay said...

carla! nice post on kellie's excellent ricebabies!

they are ridiculously cute, it's true...!

cArLa said...

@ ricebabies - thanks again kels!

@ lyndsay - thanks, i'm so in love with her dolls! did you see "lola", yet?