Saturday, March 13, 2010

off to neverland...

i love the story of peter pan and wendy...  i've read the original novel by j.m. barrie, and watched most of the movies related to peter pan,  from disney's versions, to hook, etc!  i just love the story sooo much! 



this is the original 1915 image of the novel written by j.m. barrie:


here are some peter pan related finds on etsy: 

original papercut art by tinatarnoff

big eyed little wendy bird girl print by pinkytoast

peter pan papercut print by elsita

7/8 inch sewing button set by bluemanateebuttons

illustration print by isabellasart

peter pan print by falldowntree

...and the following images from

kawaii peter pan

peter pan-themed art journal

su blackwell paper art

just think happy thoughts... and you'll fly - .Bradi.

marie claire jan 2010 (natalie portman)

he took me to places i'd never been - rosie hardy

annie leibovitz photography (article)

don't you miss being a kid again?  i do!  off to neverland - in my dreams...


ricebabies said...

I have that Peter Pan cut out by Elsita, the three pigs, alice and red ridng hod. You can see if you come over Friday.

cArLa said...

yeah! for sure, her paper art must take a long time to make, she's awesome!