Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's for lunch?

i just enjoyed a couple of slices of vietnamese new year's sticky rice delicacy.  thanks to my co-worker, she's sooo sweet!  but i can't help but wonder how a japa dog tastes like...

i know, you are probably wondering why someone who lives in the lower mainland of british columbia hasn't tried these amazing japanese-style hotdogs that originated in vancouver?  simply, i just haven't gotten around to it...  i know, lame excuse!

i just discovered them a year and a half ago and everyone around me has been raving about them.  so my goal this week is to finally get a taste of one of these famous hotdogs.  i will let you know how it tastes like... i'm sure i'll love it - i like anything with nori (aka. seaweed)!

photo cred: japadog

hope you had a great lunch break!  happy tuesday.


jozen said...

don't worry... you are not the only one that hasn't tried a japa dog... i haven't either!

The General's Cat said...

Hi, lovely blog! Great to find someone who loves Art and Ghosts too.

Katrina said...

hey...I wanna try a japadog too!