Friday, February 19, 2010

lovely rings because i lost mine...

just thinking about my lost wedding ring...  i'm sure i ended up throwing it out, accidentally of course.  i remember rushing to leave from work, by the time i realized i wasn't wearing it, i was already on my way home. so, i thought i dropped it in the car.  thus, two days of turning the car inside out (well, i wished i could).  on top of constantly checking my purses, and articles of clothing i wore during the time;  and checking my work bench, lunch room, everywhere... then it dawned on me, that i must've thrown it out when i removed some items in my lab coat.  so here's to my long lost wedding ring, i hope someone finds you one day (still wishing it will be me).

this is how it looked like:

i still choke up when i think about it *sniff, sniff*...   i now wear a ring bought by my hubby when we were still dating, still means the same as the wedding ring...  just feel bad that i lost the one blessed on our wedding day...

on a happy note, here are some cute rings from etsy.  enjoy!

brass ring by beadinbabe  

green sapphire sterling silver ring by bendthefish  

artisan silver ring by too original  

silver egg ring by arosha  

dragonfly wing 18k gold ring by jessedanger 

burst cocktail ring by intelligentdesign  

space silver ring by virine 
and this little cutie...

face ring by silviagandara

happy weekend!!!



jozen said...

awe! i hope that you find it one day. my co-worker lost hers for almost a month and she ended up finding it in her purse! the same purse she searched over and over again!

ricebabies said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh NOOO. Im so sorry. I almost did that once. I was cutting onions at my sisters house. i took it off, and then ended up scrapeing it in the trash with all the onion paper.

I was so heppy we didnt take out the trash yet.