Monday, February 15, 2010

teeth, teeth, and more teeth

since i stare at teeth all day at work (i'm a dental lab tech and make fake teeth all day - sooo fun btw), i thought that i could share with you some things i found on etsy that is tooth-related.  here are some cute finds:

tooth barrettes from sweetsurprises

kawaii happy tooth cluster necklace by honeypopjewellery 

tooth bats by hannalah

happy tooth magnets by makelovely  

denture teeth soap by soapopotamus  

tooth fairy pillow by bunniebrand

"toofs" button set by becky johnson @ sweetiepie 

sweet tooth bracelet by livethislife777

tooth vessel by brooklynrehab  

sweet tooth cross stitch by doublespeak 

little white toof keychain by elishacopeland  

madame molar by laceyelephantkisses  

tooth phone charms by keitosan  

little toothy friends earrings by shupg  

the orphan teeth postcard by lepetitvulcan  

well, i guess i'm off to work... hope you have a happy monday!
xo, carla


Lacey Lambe said...

I was a dental tech for five years and afterwards constantly painted teeth. Are you a porcelain or gold tech? I love your teeth finds and am honored that you chose my painting for your post. Please check out my blog.

jozen said...

loooooove it! so cute :)

My name is Noemi said...

Oh my Carla!! I love the tooth theme!! I really love the "tooth" pick holder and the tooth pillow!! SO cute! Great finds!!

ricebabies said...

Love the plush, the teeth in a cup, mmmmmmm, not so much. ha ha