Sunday, February 7, 2010

my very first (hand-stitched and hand-painted) doll!

i finally decided to do a black apple doll! i was reading emily martin's blog and found out that she has a "black apple doll" tutorial featured on martha stewart. i was so excited, because i really wanted something simple and adorable to make. (photo by emily martin)

i always have a soft spot for anything handmade, so i decided to practice my hand sewing skills (because i couldn't make a 1975 sewing machine work - still saving for a brand new one).

i figured i used to do small cross stitch projects (that i barely finished if it wasn't for my mom), and a bit of embroidery in grade school (did i mention that my mom is amazing with needle crafts?).

so, the point of me rambling on about this is, i might be able to make something work. hand-sewing my "practice" doll might take forever, but it will help me appreciate the process better.

so, here is my first attempt at a handmade doll:

... cut out all of the pieces using the templates,

...attached the felt hair to the linen / poly-cotton blend fabric face,

... turned the sewn legs right-side out, and attached the head to the body portion of the doll,

... filled the arms and legs with poly-fil, sooo fun!

... put the puzzle pieces together,

... turned the doll right-side out, my favorite part of the whole process,

... tada! it's slowly coming together!

... and here she is!

... added a ribbon, to see different options.

in the end, i decided to create a collared-shrug from the left over felt. i also hand-painted her face with acrylic paint.

this was such a fun project for me. a perfect distraction from the mini flood our laundry machine made yesterday morning!

hope your weekend is lovely!



Jozen said...

ohmygoodness carla!!! she is absolutely stunning!! you did such an amazing job... i may just have to order a few from you! hee hee

ricebabies said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo cute. I dont paint faces, Im too scared I'd mess up. Threads I can take out, paint....not so much. Lovely.

My name is Noemi said...

Oh my gosh Carla! These are the cutest dolls I have ever seen! Will you be opening up an Etsy site? I'd buy them for sure if you did! They're just too cute!

ricebabies said...

hope you have a great V day.