Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happenings on all hallows' eve...

we celebrated solana's first halloween!  she dressed as a ladybug, thanks jay and aileen!

dom was dressed as a ninja!  we can't believe that this is his 4th halloween already!

also, our crew was 12 kids strong this year:  dom and solana were joined by isaiah, reece, demian, riley, ashton, shayla, shandon, siana, sylus, & svea!  it was a lot of fun!  one of the highlights was the reaction of the home owners when they see all the kids .  a lot of "wow's" and "whoa's".

the rookie & the veteran

we tried getting a photo with both kids, but dom was already running from home to home.  he's apparently a trick or treating expert nowadays...

here's the lil' man in action:

 here's the lil' miss in action:

... and not in action - LOL!

i am also loving cul-de-sacs, because the parents got to hangout while the kids went from one house to the next!

well, that's all folks!  hope your halloween was just as fun, have a great week!
xo, carla


cb said...

uh your family is so cute! and how precious does she look in that ladybug costume!!!!!!!!!! looks like a great first halloween!

Elisse said...

Your Solana is so adorable!! Cute as a bug!