Monday, October 3, 2011

a doll for riley

i just wanted to share this doll that i made for a cute girl named, riley.  this doll is really late getting to her (when i mean late, i mean really late).  on the upside, it finally got to her just in time for her birthday! 

here's the doll i made using the black apple doll tutorial with some customized details.

according to riley's mom, she calls it her "special" doll - and that makes me especially happy! 

have a great day!
xo, carla


cb said...

how cute!! i really love that you made this for her and how special it must be for her!

ricebabies said...

I love your faces. So cute. When does Solana get one?

Elisse said...

So cute! Solana's gonna have a great collection of handmade dolls from you when she grows up! What a beautiful gift!