Sunday, January 8, 2012

coming home embroidery

megan of studio m.m.e. is one of my favorite artists.  she is also one of the nicest people i know.  i love the whimsical subject matter & the detail of her illustrations.  when i found out that she would be creating embroidery versions of her art, i was ecstatic!  i was even more excited when she started selling patterns of her embroidery work!  you can get your own pattern at her shop on .

here is coming home, it is one of her works that i really admire:

as soon as i found time to work on the embroidery pattern, i jumped at the chance to finish it - quickly!  it`s been hectic lately (hence, my temporary hiatus from the blog.  more posts coming soon!).

here`s the finished product:

it was really fun to make and so easy!  i can`t wait to get my hands on the feeding the moon embroidery kit


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cb said...

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! i missed you! happy new year sweetie!!! you did a fantastic job with that embroidery, it looks super awesome! oh i just LOVE it!!