Friday, September 23, 2011

so nuts about french knots

i wanted to share my 2nd sew september project.  i really love embroidery, and my usual favorites are the back, split/chain, & stem stitches to draw lines.  i wanted to try something different and add more dimension to the lines.  so,  i decided to use, the french knot!  i guess you can say that i am nuts about french knots (now say that 3 times, as fast as you can - quite the tongue twister)!  

i've been getting a lot of my inspiration from pinterest lately (and i'm pretty addicted to it).  i've been eyeing this post from the mother lode, and decided to create my version of an embroidered family hands portrait!

i received some fabric scraps from one of my friends, and i used part of this cute ikea fabric and appliqued it to my base fabric. 

the house that i used is within the blue heart (source)

to lighten the black outline within the hand prints, i applied a thin wash of white acrylic paint.  i didn't want to completely lose the outline of the house.

then, i traced our hands and used different colored threads to represent each of us: 
bry - navy blue
me - turquoise
dom - purple
solana - yellow

so, here's how it turned out:

i hope you are all having a wonderful week!
xo, carla

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cb said...

so cute!! i love french knots too but i had a hard time my first run with them. your piece turned out so cute too!

oh i did my hair and twisting it before bed and just love the look, thanks sweetie!