Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pre-school cool

guess who's going to pre-school?

dominic!!!  we are so proud of our lil' man.  i can't believe that he's in school already!

 i asked him, "how excited are you?"  and he gave me this smile in the car:

action shot!
hung his back pack and greeted one of his teachers, ms. lorna.
all settled in class with a couple of his classmates, and his other teacher, ms. lenka.
after dropping him off, solana and i make our way to nonna's home...

so far, he's enjoyed every minute of it.  he gets really excited going to school.  often, he waits for us at the bottom of the steps in our home (it's really cute, and it makes me smile every single time)...  i hope this enthusiasm lasts through college.

xoxo, carla


cb said...

that is so great that he is excited about going to school! i know a few kids and they get upset every time they have to leave. he is gonna do so well!

jozen said...

yay dom!!

and you are looking so fab my friend!

M.M.E. said...

How exciting! It looks like he had a wonderful time!

Elisse said...

Your little man looks so excited!