Friday, September 16, 2011

s'more smores please!

we didn't get a chance to go camping this summer, but it doesn't mean that we miss out on having delectable treats like smores!  with fall in the horizon (and wanting summer to stay sooo badly), we decided to have our very own smores, at home!

here's how we made it:

we used digestive cookies (because it isn't as sweet as the graham crackers), dark chocolate, and good old marshmallows.

stack your cookie, chocolate, and marshmallow in the microwave.  cook for 20-30 seconds.

as soon as you open the microwave, squish another cookie right on top of the puffed up marshmallow.

i was going to go another level and torch the marshmallow with a brulee torch (that i left at work), but i'll settle on this ooey gooey goodness, for now:

btw, they are best while they are warm.  so, make it one at a time...  have a great day!


ART OF NAIL said...

yummy!! =)

cb said...

i hope next year you can go camping!! smores are the best part! hehe. i love making them at home but we have to make them on the oven as we don't have a microwave :D

jozen said...

looks so YUMMY!!! we made s'mores on national marshmallow day! LOL

Elisse said...

YUM! Homemade s'mores is a snack I'll have to indulge in once I've done my detox!