Thursday, June 2, 2011

our lil' man turns four!

it's amazing how time flies...  i can't believe that dom is already 4 years old!  he is such a great big brother to his new sister, solana.  he makes us laugh everyday, and is growing up to be a wonderful lil' man.  we are so proud of him, and love him wholeheartedly. 

happy 4th birthday dominic!

mom, dad, and solana


jozen said...

happy birthday dom! being 4 is the best!

prettylittlethieves said...

what a cute picture! happy birthday dom! hi solana!

cb said...

oh yay! she is so perfect! what a beautiful family and happy 4th to dominic! that picture of the two of them is super precious! cheers to your beautiful healthy family!


ART OF NAIL said...

adorable and very cute babies!! ♥

Elisse said...

Your sweet children look like they're best friends already :) So happy for you and your family!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ahh happy bday to your (not so lil anymore) man!!!