Saturday, July 16, 2011

the 4 year old & the 2 month old

hello everyone,

it's been a long time since i posted here in the blogitty-blog...  i miss all of you.  i hope you are all doing well.  my littles are giving me some free time at the moment to post a photo (one's napping and the other is watching a movie) - so i will!  we did a photo session this morning.  here's a favorite of mine among the bunch:

i found this amazing blog through pinterest called, young house love.  i am absolutely in love with this blog, created by sherry petersik!  she writes about her life, filled with love, and renovations too.  they also featured 52 photos of their daughter, clara (one for every week of the year) - which is the inspiration for this photo.  it was such an amazing idea, that i had to attempt to take one at least every month for a year of both kiddos.  it was also very generous of sherry to share the process and tips of doing your own shoot!  so, thank you sherry!!!  maybe, this will be a new tradition every month for as long as i can do it...

hope you have an inspiring week!


cb said...

wow it has already been 2 months! carla, your kids are so beautiful!


jozen said...

eek! too sweet!

The Words Crafter said...

how beautiful they are! i can't believe it's been 2 months already, where does the time go?!!

looks like big brother enjoys his sister :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww aren't they SOO cute together!!!!

cArLa said...

thank you everyone! two months have gone by so quickly, specially with two who keeps me on my toes. dom is enjoying his sister so much! we are so grateful!

little t said...

Just. too. cute.