Thursday, April 28, 2011

card love: buntings and landscape

i wanted to sneak in just one more post...  i wanted to share some cards that i made today.  lil' man and i had a few hours of arts and crafts.  we played with some play doh, he cut some paper with scissors and my tonic cutter, he also learned how to use wood mounted rubber stamps.  we even sang along with the songs on the radio.  basically, it was a perfect day...

here's lil' man's stamping work
here are the cards that i made today:

bunting cards

bunting card detail - i love the button brads!

landscape card (front) - inspired by a design from paper crafts magazine.

landscape card (inside)

handmade stamp and my name :)

well, i'm off to have a baby tomorrow morning...

have a great weekend!!!
xo, carla


Jzabela said...

Yay! Love that you spend a glorious day with Dom making perfect day! I bet you're too excited to sleep! You'll be great..can't wait to hear when Solana's made her entrance to this world! :)

ricebabies said...

You know I love bunting, all are so nice. Such good hand work. SOOO excited, soooo soon.

cb said...

just wanted to pop in and say that i am thinking of you right now and i am sure you are having such a wonderful experience bringing in your new little addition1 congrats!!


alex said...

these are lovely! And I love your banner, it's just so colorful:D

rebecca said...

very impressive! i love it.

Ruby Girl said...

such adorable cards!! <3