Saturday, April 2, 2011


hello everyone!  i didn't realize that i've been gone since mid-march.  i've been on a personal hiatus, aka. nesting LOL.  my family of three is preparing for the arrival of our lil' miss, solana.  i am currently 35 weeks pregnant, and am scheduled for a c-section on the 29th of april (my actual due date is on may 7th)...  i can't believe that so much time has passed, and i only have less than a month to go before our girl makes her appearance.

also, i've been spending some quality time with our lil' man, dom, and also prepping him for solana's arrival.  a good friend of ours, nichole, gave me this great advice among others (thank you!):
  • give lil' man a sense of ownership - that he is a part of this pregnancy as much as mom and dad.  this is so great because it really helps with the transition.  he really is excited to meet his sister, and he refers to her as "his" baby!  i really see a sense of pride when he talks about her.  he is also very protective and nurturing towards her.  he makes sure that he kisses and hugs "his" baby when he sees me or when i leave to go somewhere.   
another thing i found helpful:  when he accidentally bumps into my belly, i always refer to it as mommy's belly, never the baby. i do this to prevent any resentment, if there would be any... 

going back to nesting, just the other night, i woke up at 4:30 am, and was non-stop cleaning and organizing anything and everything i could get my hands on.  i think i managed to sneak in a 45 min nap sometime in the late afternoon - and was up until 11:30 pm.  in the past 2 weeks, mister, lil' man (yes, he is quite the helper), and i managed to get solana's room prepared, and finished our spring cleaning!  i never experienced this when i was pregnant with lil' man - so this nesting instinct is all new to me.  my mister finds it very comical - here i am, very pregnant and attempting to do all these chores.

so, in light of my nesting nature, here are some wonderful finds:

matryoshka / nesting dolls by mandy tsung

"nestrest" by pouzet and frety, featured on re-nest

"nesting instinct" by jennet jones - a spoonflower fabric

"allegory of the four elements" by mark ryden

bird's nest cookies  (with recipe!) by art of dessert

"nest - drawing in thread" by KLT works / kristin loffer theiss

"dreamers awake" by kelli murray

bird nest bed by eitan and zahr, featured on w ooh om

i hope you enjoyed these finds...  i'll update you on my pregnancy in a week's time.  have a lovely day!



Crystal said...

Oooooooooooooooooooo!!! I LOVE all these!! My lady has EXCELLENT taste!


The Words Crafter said...

Love that bed!

I've found that even the rowdiest and toughest boys are very gentle....and fiercely protective of 'their' babies, especially if it's a girl. I'm sure Dom is going to be the best big brother ever.

Wow, it's coming fast, huh? Can't believe it. Keep us posted and take care of you!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

You are due very close to when i had xen which was on May 10th and it was great because during summer you get a wonderful time with the baby outside:D

Amber @ The Momma Stuff Blog said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - my little babe is due on the 9th so it sounds like our little ones will be very close in age. How old is your little man? Ours turned 2 in March!!
Happy Nesting Momma!

Elisse said...

Hello you!

I am praying that Solana's arrival will come without a hitch! So excited for you and your family :)

Happy nesting!