Tuesday, July 27, 2010

make your own mustache cookie cutter

i was searching for a mustache cookie cutter for dom's 3rd birthday and i couldn't come across one that i really liked, so after googling a bunch of cookie cutter websites, i decided that maybe i can search for cookie cutter tutorials instead.  i saw a bunch of  tutorials, from step by step instructions to videos.  the tutorial that i chose to follow was from juggling frogs - "make your own cookie cutter from clip art and a foil pan".

so here's my version:

"make your own mustache cookie cutter":

first you're going to need the following:
  • food grade aluminum ( i used oven liners or protectors, because they have less creases and steps - they have a smoother surface, and they are easier to cut) - can also be found at your local hardware store.
  • scissors
  • ruler (preferrably longer than 12 inches)
  • pliers (i got mine from the dollar store - it's a long nose with a wire cutter)
  • a drawing or a clip art of a mustache
  • thread
  • safety gloves 
  • safety goggles/glasses

here's a photo of some of my supplies:

first, i cut two strips approximately 1" inch thick (because the oven protector is thinner, these strips are used for extra support / strength - if you use a thicker piece of aluminum, you might not need these extra strips).  then, i cut one strip approximately under 3 inches (this strip is used, so that the extra edges can be folded over one another)

place the two strips directly in the middle of the thicker (3 in) strip.  lightly score and fold over the extra edges over one another, using the ruler as a guide.

if you have an image that you'd like to replicate, use a simple string, twine, or thread to measure around the silhouette - this will give you an approximate length.  use the string to measure how long your strip will be (remember to leave the strip about 1 to 2 inches longer than the string).

when you are done folding and measuring the lenght of the strip, attach both ends together - let them overlap.  cut one of the ends in a triangular shape and slide it inside the other folded end.

gently fold the aluminum in the middle of the overlapped section to secure the ends. (you can also use permanent double-sided tape to secure the ends - but this must be clamped and will need to set for a few days)

use the first folded section as one end of the mustache, then fold the opposite end. (be careful not to crease the aluminum too much or it could tear, besides you don't need these areas to be really crisp, because the dough changes in shape slightly after it's cooked)

here's the order of the folds to make your very own simple mustache (i found it easier to do it free-handed but feel free to use an image as a guide):

shape the rest of the sheet to resemble a mustache, lips, heart  or even a mask!

here's dominic having a little fun with the finished cookie cutter...

and here are the cookies my friend and i made:

the cookies (above) are made with a slightly smaller cookie cutter (i think the 8 inch cookie might've been to ambitious for a first time sugar icing decorator (aka. moi).  besides, i don't think the parents would appreciate the sugar content of that behemoth either - lol!

thanks delio for helping me make the shortbread dough and piping the icing while i texturized it (specially for giving me the idea to texturize it), and thanks kat for sending me the link for the sugar icing recipe!

i hope you found this useful!  thanks to juggling frogs for the inspiration - i'm so happy with the result!  here's another tutorial that i found helpful by peggy weaver;:  "cookie and gumpaste cutter" - this one uses copper instead of aluminum.

happy tuesday!
xo, carla


Malou said...

Thanks for sharing! Very creative and resourceful. Awesome!

The Words Crafter said...

You are so clever!!! I'm impressed and those, er, cookies look yummy!

jozen said...

love it!!

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

that's so fantastic! I'm glad you were able to figure it out and it turned out great! TanMan loved his cookie. He didn't even save me a bite.

cArLa said...

@malou - thank you!

@the words crafter - lol, thanks!

@jozen - thank you!

@miss carlen - i froze some of the left over dough, if you'd like some, i have about 2 logs left - let me know!

ART OF NAIL said...

ur son is very cute! and the cookies looks so delicious! I want! =)

ricebabies said...

and they were super tasty. I ate Noah's ..shhhhh dont tell

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks for the tutorial..I would love to design my own cookie cutters...now I can:)

Nicole Murray said...

I was inspired, entertained and now I am having a cookie jonesing. ;-D

Good job on the step by step. Easy to follow with clear pics and a cute kid.

lyndsay said...

so awesome! great tutorial... and i love how huge the moustaches are... and i also love how you piped them all old timey hairy-styles!