Wednesday, August 4, 2010

because i always wished i had hair like her...

sorry that i've been gone for what feels like forever!  i've been so busy, with so many things... we just came back from one of the best long weekend getaways, we potty trained our boy, etc...

i was just browsing through my drafts and realized that i forgot to publish this - i wrote it back in march 2010!  so, while i'm working on other things, i hope this entertains you.

i have very fine hair, so most of the time it's long, straight, parted either sideways or in the middle - nothing too exciting.  even when i was younger, i longed for thick, wavy, or curly hair.  back in the early 90's  i attempted to style my hair with the little flip in the front - which always ended up looking like a flat pancake stuck on top of my forehead (the photo below is what it was supposed to look like).  so, ever since, i've decided to get someone else to do my hair - a well-thought out solution indeed!

 (source: flickr)

i'm no expert hair stylist, but i've always been a fan of rockabilly / pin-up / 50's hairstyles.  the are so intricate and well, coiffed!  here are some of those hairstyles:  some modern, inspired, and original...

i love gwen stefani!




i can't forget about bettie page:


...and some inpired by bettie's look:

beyonce on video phone (source:


the tokyo rockabilly craze (aka. tokyobilly).  check out the pompadour hair that the men are rockin'!  truly inspired by elvis!



here are some rockabilly inspired finds - hair, tattoos, 50's love:

you might recognize the girl in the middle, it's kat von d.  i love her - she is too cute!

 "the unappreciated gift" by sunnybuick

rockabilly / tattoo pumps at

tattooed lady posable paper doll by illustratedink

fan of feathers rockabilly girl print by debStore

 tattooed lady print by missbrigette

pearl dress by fablesbybarrie

american hellbillies (spoof of american gothic painting) by nikscarlett

vintage boxer sings a rainbow print by pinkytoast

one of the reasons why i love rockabilly style, hair, tattoos, and the 50's???   this cult classic that i am sooo in love with...

do you have any favorite rockabilly inspired things, likes, etc?

happy wednesday!
xo, carla


Heidi Alamanda said...

Your hair is beautiful! But I can totally relate to you. I have a super fine hair as well with a bit of unruly curls. I always wish to have a long thick hair, so I can style it easily without damaging it so easily. Wishful thinking lol

Ivy Black said...

I too have fine hair and I wanted thick curls, but there we go! Brilliant post...I love rockabilly.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

What a fun post! I grew up in that I guess I got many of those styles out of my system "back in the day":)

jozen said...

welcome back!

Nicole Murray said...

Actually I enjoy wearing the pared down version of this style, especially in the summer. Dark polka dots with exotic jewelry and colorful shoes. I love pencil skirts and open toe heels. And I am originally a country girl, naturally dark haired, light complected and curvy who likes dark things on occasion, so the look always made sense to me.

Fun topic!