Wednesday, July 7, 2010

card love... the latest

i just wanted to share some of the cards i made for some special people:


 "oh happy day"

 "a little bird told me..."



i hope you are enjoying the sun (wherever you are).  it's finally summer in my neck of the woods!!!

happy wednesday!
xo, carla


Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

i love them carla! they look great!

The Words Crafter said...

Wow, I'm impressed! These are so cool! When you get a chance, stop by my blog-I have something for you!

the katt said...

LOVE THEM!!! so cute :)

Jayne said...

Hello! Your cards are lovely - I especially like the top one of the line of birds. :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Oh my cute!! I too love the one with all the birds!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice things! I adore blogs which aren't only about fashion. These things are really interesting for me because sometimes I do some "DIY" stuff too. :)