Thursday, June 3, 2010

my lil' man is three!

i am so happy and proud of the other man in my life, he turned three today!


he is growing up so fast, that i don't want to forget a single thing...  so, i'm going to list the simple things that amaze me about him:
  • he runs like a lightning bolt
  • he loves his scooter and bike
  • he loves reading books, magazines, or the newspaper
  • he can count to 20 and identify colors and shapes
  • he forms multiple word sentences and tells us stories all the time
  • he likes telling you everything he sees as we drive by them (trees, trucks, cars, birds, mountains, etc...)
  • he's head-strong, intuitive, and independent
  • he's very affectionate (i never tire of his hugs and kisses)
  • he smiles first thing in the morning when he wakes up
  • he loves listening to music and dancing, he loves beyonce, just like mommy
  • he's very energetic and a huge goof-ball, just like daddy
  • he sings all the time, making up his own melodies - softly and on the top of his lungs.  (he can also sing my mom's version of the ilongo lullaby, "ili, ili, tulog anay" - it means "hush, hush, go back to sleep.  she sang this to him since he was a newborn, it puts him to sleep everytime)
  • he loves his lego blocks, and he helps put them away too!
  • he says "please" and "thank you"
  • he tells us that he loves us all the time...
i also wanted to share some of the fun we had yesterday.  here are some of the things we did on his special day:
he wanted to do everything himself...

sketch booth photos - can you spot the goof-ball on the right?

on the left column, how the games should be played;  on the right, well, you know what that looks like  O_o

he kinda smiled like fire marshall bill here... lol

fun with the blue screen...

on our way out to grab some grub...

a very special treat at one of our favorite spots...

he chose a couple of items at the toy store...

i've always wanted one of these!!!

it was a fun-filled day, one of my fondest memories for sure!  happy 3rd birthday dominic!!!

we love you,
mommy and daddy

happy thursday everyone!


Sandy a la Mode said...

congrats to your lil man!! i loved reading all of his milestones and it's soo fun that he is a goofball hehe!! i LOVE that sketch photo booth thing you did, too cute!

jozen said...

awe! happy birthday dom!! looks like you had a grand time on your special day!

Miss Carlen ::LT:: said...

Happy belated birthday Dom! You have a little man now carla! looks like you guys had a great time!

ART OF NAIL said...

happy bday dominic! you are so cute lil'boy! kiss kiss*

cArLa said...

thank you for all of the birthday wishes!!!