Sunday, June 6, 2010

circus love

i have this attraction toward oddities, medical wonders, and everything carnival related. 

you are probably wondering, why?  i think it all started when my cousin brought me to the carnival when i was a child in the philippines - also, realizing earlier on that some of the performers (like the man called, "the penguin man") developed a type of physical deformation or a genetic trait that has been passed on...  this started my fascination in the human body, genetics, super-human abilities, etc...

i enjoyed all the rides, the food, the performances, but i don't think that it was entirely a delight to see the sideshow performers (because some of their situations were desolate, sometimes desperate - because they couldn't find jobs elsewhere, and also, the jeering and ridicule...).  despite of the "ugly" side of the travelling circus life, they kept going, returning year after year to put on an amazing show.  that, is what i love the most!

so, here are some beautiful things i'd like to share with you:

"the bearded lady" and "portrait with prize toys" - emily martin

miss spink and miss forcible's trapeze act, from coraline

the knife juggler by roadside

"death by cotton candy", drop dead gorgeous series by daniela edburg
(i could only wish...)

"ripley's believe it or not" museum - saw it at the fisherman's wharf in san francisco, california

via daydaynite on tumblr

"circus orange pin up girls with diamond eyes" - pinkytoast

"dumbo" - disney (dom hugs me when the song, baby mine, starts playing)

"miniature through the viewfinder" photos by james spicer

the twins from big fish, a movie, by tim burton
(i love this movie sooo much!)

"the circus 1870-1950" - book by taschen  (it's on my wish list)

vintage clown cupcake toppers by moonfaires

"forest ferris wheel" by thepoppytree

"siamese twins" by jody pham

photos by sara norris

"circus" by pale preoccupation

cirque du soleil - if you haven't gone, go see a show!  it's amazing (worth every penny)!!!

hope you enjoyed it! 

happy sunday!
xo, carla


jozen said...

you always find the neatest stuff!

Ivy Black said...

You have found treasures as usual! I am completely with you...I love the circus and fairgrounds and all kinds of weirdness. When I was a little girl, I wanted to have an acrobatic horseriding act or be a trapeze artist.