Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what i do from 9 to 5

i`ve been asked about what type of work i do... 

i am a dental lab technician, i make teeth all day long and i looove my job.  i get to design and create - which is exactly where i like to be...

i start off with a metal framework, then it gets coated with opaque pastes then fired in the kiln or furnace.

 a view showing the metal framework

then the fun starts, i get to layer porcelain with various shades and translucencies, while firing the layers in between.

the case that i worked on for the past two days involved a patient who were missing four teeth.  so, i got to make a 6-unit bridge with tissue reconstruction.

high-strength model replicating the patient`s teeth, preparation, and gum tissue

the bridge with a coat of glaze prior to firing

the glazed bridge going into the furnace

the finished bridge...

well, i hope this answers your questions regarding what i do when i`m not blogging, drawing, etc...   i hope the patient loves it. 

happy tuesday everyone!
xo, carla


The Words Crafter said...

That is so cool! Probably a lot of people don't understand the importance of work like this...but for someone who gets a new smile, what you do is priceless. I' glad you enjoy it!

Emerald Window said...

This is amazing. I never realized what went into making teeth.

jozen said...

what a talent carla!

P-nut said...

This is the ultimate in functional art. Very cool.

Ivy Black said...

That's brilliant! How creative and satisfying? I still have the casts of my teeth from when I was a kid and had to be fitted for braces...a before and after!

Ladybastard said...

awww sweetie! thank you SO much for your kind words ^_^
I love you and I promise i'll make more plushies ;)

Heidi Alamanda said...

This is pretty neat, Carla. Wow that must require patience. xoxo

E R I N said...


ummm wow! that is so cool!
you get to design and create AND help people... i love that x