Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i heart tattooed ladies

some wonderful things arrived in the mail today...  three tattooed ladies met me at work!

 (from left to right:  
"a new beginning 1953", "i'm your toy box", "and with unspoken ease i was your pet")

these tattooed ladies are my birthday gift!!!  and i love them to pieces - thank you, and i love you bryan and dom!   i was so happy to receive them, they certainly made my week.

i am amazed how many wonderful artists are in etsyamanda atkins, certainly, is one of them.  i've been eyeing her work for a while now, because she makes really beautiful paintings!  her etsy shop holds many more treasures, so stop by when you get a chance... her work will capture your heart!

she even has the most delicate and adorable paper dolls:

here are more of her paintings that i adore:

"remember when i loved you"

"adapting to you"

"rebecca and the raccoon"

"cecilia and beatrice"

"for antoine"

stop by her shop and let me know what you think...

amanda, thank you so much!!!

happy tuesday everyone!
xo, carla

please contact amanda atkins for permission, if you wish to re-post any images on your blog or any photo sharing websites.  each image is copywritten and watermarked to avoid any illegal distribution or reproductions.  thank you for your cooperation!!!


Ivy Black said...

Hi Carla. Love the tattooed gals, a a Happy Birthday to you!
Another top post...if it weren't for you I'd miss all this great work and these artists.

cArLa said...

@ ivy black - thanks so much for the birthday wish, i really love them, i'm glad you like the tattooed ladies.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I hadn't heard of Amanda before reading your post...I'll certainly be sure to check her out!