Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ohhh babies...

firstly, i want to wish my brother, rudy, a very happy birthday (we love you very, very, very much) - who was also a very cute baby boy!  did you know that i gave him his nickname?  i was learning phonics at the age of 2 and as i was reciting, "a - apple, b- boy!"  i pointed at my lil' bro and the name stuck!  ever since, we've called him "biboy".  and it doesn't matter how old we get, i'll always see him as the little boy who loved burgers and ice cream as much as i did...

i also made this post as a tribute to my friends who just had some new wee ones...  their babies are so cute that i just can't get enough of them.  whenever i get a chance to see them, i fall in love over and over again...

let's start with some cuties with glasses:

"big glasses" (source) - this reminds me of darla from the little rascals

photo by jose luis pelaez

photo by tamara p.

 "4-eyed babe" - by the sweetestnest

some mini music lovers:

photo by  kristian d'amato

... yes, that's a diaper on his head!


some with funny faces:




some taking on a persona:

i just love this one for the most obvious reasons - tattoo love ;)

as ziggy stardust (aka. david bowie), the jean genie


some with sunglasses:

"camille" by priscilla estrela

"the cutest girl" by Nazza3a



some sleeping babes:

"book worm" by adele enersen, the creator of mila's daydreams (one of the cutest blogs out there...)

"sleepy sisters" by nikkicolleen

i think this is the cutest sleeping photo "max" has ever had...

of course this post won't be complete without adding one of my favorite photos of dom as a baby:

at 4 mos... taken at harrison, b.c.  (we were there to watch the "harrisand - sand sculpting competition)

i hope this post made you smile...
happy tuesday!
xo, carla


Malou said...

aawww.. I love baby pictures. Dom is still so tiny there!

Carmina said...

aawww baby picture's are very cute

and aww DOM so cute here and tiny :)

Cynthia Llarena said...

Ah! Isn't it crazy how a baby's picture can make you want to have more!?

And Dom, what a stunner.

ricebabies said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I have been peeping that Milas Daydreams..so inspiring. Dom is so cute, I cant beliee he was that small.

jozen said...

love it!!

Fia said...

I love sunglasses on babies. My daughter has a pair just her size. Too cute!

Fickle Cattle said...

I love the set of babies with glasses. Hahaha. Wonderful.