Monday, August 29, 2011

sew september challenge

i'm so happy to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, cb of the city bird's nest (aka. chic biker - a nickname i made for her, because she is. i love her bike oufit posts, diy's, pretty much every single thing she posts)!  she is one of the sweetest people i know...  so, send her some love by visiting her wonderful blog and her etsy shop!

if you are a sewing lover like me, i know you'd be interested to take on the "sew september" challenge.  i don't own a machine, so my projects will be small (imagine the great things you can make with a machine!!!).  it sounds like so much fun!  i hope you can join us...

xo, carla

Saturday, August 27, 2011


growing up an only girl, i've always been fascinated with the relationships of sisters.  i'm so lucky to witness snipets of this relationship through one of my best friend's girls.   i love these girls as if they were my own...   so, i wanted to make them something special.  using the black apple doll tutorial and some acrylic paints, i made them their very own sister dolls!  meet samaria and asia...

painted faces
embroidered monograms
dom wanted to give them some love before we wrapped them up...

have a great weekend!
xo, carla

Monday, August 22, 2011

paper bunting tutorial

just wanted to share a tutorial on how to make a paper bunting, because they are so cute and festive!

12 x 12 inch patterned paper (one-sided)
paper cutter / scissors
twine / ribbon
glue gun with refills / craft glue

1.  take a sheet of patterned paper and fold it in 1/2.

2.  cut the folded patterned in 3 equal pieces. cut at the 4 & 8 inch mark.

3. crease / mark the unfolded end of each piece as a guide to cut the tip.

4.  you end up with a piece that looks like an inverted triangle.  when you open it up you end up with a diamond-shaped piece.

5.  take your twine, and run a bead of glue in the middle of the diamond.  then, fold it close.

6.  repeat this until you've reached the desired length of bunting!  this one has 11 pieces...

it was so easy, i was able to get all of these done:

...with the help of these two, of course!

have fun creating them!!!
xo, carla

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the dj and the sweetheart

just a little photo fun...

here's the dj (because everytime he wears his cap, he says that he's a dj):

and the sweetheart (aka. "chomper" because she loves chomping on her hands):

love spending time with them!  they are two of my most favorite people in the world!!!

have a lovely week.
xo, carla

Friday, August 5, 2011

creative wee hours of the morning

what do you do when you can't sleep?  me, i craft!  it seems to be the best time to create, the kiddos are asleep, it's so quiet, and i get a surge of energy when i'm inspired!

last night was one of those nights, i just couldn't go to sleep.  i tried drinking warm milk, reading a book, watching a movie - none of it worked.  so, last night i decided to make a headband for solana!

i am so in love with the lou and lee on etsy!  the shop makes the cutest headbands for kids.  most of all, i've been smitten with this headband:

isn't it a cute headband?  i love old school tattoos, so it was the perfect choice for our little lady!  here are some process photos:

... and here's the finished product!

i think solana likes it (she didn't try taking it off)!  i definitely have to make one that says "dad" - she is daddy's girl after all...

have a lovely week!
xo, carla