Friday, August 5, 2011

creative wee hours of the morning

what do you do when you can't sleep?  me, i craft!  it seems to be the best time to create, the kiddos are asleep, it's so quiet, and i get a surge of energy when i'm inspired!

last night was one of those nights, i just couldn't go to sleep.  i tried drinking warm milk, reading a book, watching a movie - none of it worked.  so, last night i decided to make a headband for solana!

i am so in love with the lou and lee on etsy!  the shop makes the cutest headbands for kids.  most of all, i've been smitten with this headband:

isn't it a cute headband?  i love old school tattoos, so it was the perfect choice for our little lady!  here are some process photos:

... and here's the finished product!

i think solana likes it (she didn't try taking it off)!  i definitely have to make one that says "dad" - she is daddy's girl after all...

have a lovely week!
xo, carla

1 comment:

cb said...

so cute!! i love when babies where headbands, it is just so adorable!