Sunday, February 27, 2011

the defintion of handsome

hand·some / ˈhan(d)səm / adjective

1. (of a man) good-looking.
2. (of a woman) striking and imposing in good looks rather than conventionally pretty.

once in a while, i get little surprises from our son...

"mom, you are a handsome girl." he really knows how to make me smile, and i'll take it from this lil' man anytime...


Thursday, February 24, 2011

facts of life

my mister and lil' man went over to my in-laws.  my hubby explained to him that he used to live at grandma and papa's house before he got married.  then began the conversation about a fact of life:

D (dom):  why did you get married?
B (bryan):  because mom and i love each other.
D:  how did i become a baby?
B:  your mom and i's love for each other was so strong, that you were born out of that love.
D:  ohhh!  i'm gonna get married too, and i will have a little dominic.

it amazes me how lil' man comes up with these questions and realizations.  i just hope we can keep up... talk about growing up - fast!

(photo taken - 2007)
(photo taken - 2009)
photo taken - 2011
the "loves" of my life...


Monday, February 21, 2011

tickle me tuesdays - part 2

linking up with yes teacher for tickle me tuesdays...

here are some of the things that tickle my fancy from anthropologie:

new dimensions bag
antiquity reigning cuff
golden moment ring
chrysanthemum door knob

megan miller nail polish in caribbean

have a lovely tuesday!
xo, carla

Sunday, February 20, 2011

kokeshi love

i found melly and me's kokeshi stuffie tutorial through google almost two years ago.  the moment i saw it, i was in love.  i wasn't sure when i would get the chance to make it and for whom.

recently, we found out that one of our friends' daughter got sick.  she's the same age as our lil' man.  i knew right there and then, that i just found the perfect thing to give her.  i've also been saving this amazing "yui kokeshi" fabric from alexander henry for something special.

kokeshi dolls originate from japan.  they are given to kids on special occasions, as a remembrance, or as a sign of luck. 

everytime i see kokeshi figurines or artwork, it never fails to make me smile.  so, here's the kokeshi doll i made using melly and me's tutorial.  i altered the design a little bit.  instead of the flowers, i changed it to a rainbow motif.  i also enlarged the template so she could use it as a pillow, or just to make it more huggable...

here are some work in progress shots:

after embroidery
ready to be flipped right side out
front view
back view of the cutest alexander henry fabric
detail of the hair embellishment
detail of the obi (sash)
detail of the face
finished stuffie from the side
a kokeshi stuffie, ready to be loved...
thanks melly and me for a wonderful tutorial!

the kokeshi in her new home - a lovely girl`s arms...
hope you are having a great week!
xo, carla

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

card love: turquoise and red

i just wanted to share some cards i made this past weekend...


i'm in love with the combination of light turquoise and red.

here's the logo at the back of the cards:

have a great week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

nursery love and other cute spaces for kiddos

as each day draws our due date closer than ever, i've been really inspired by the cutest blogs/websites:  house of turquoise (for obvious reasons, it's my favorite color), ohdeedoh (aka. apartment therapy - perfect for small spaces), and little moth!  i love every single space featured in all three.  like ideas for nurseries, bunk beds, and all spaces catered to lil' ones.

here are some of the spaces that i adore:

by:  elizabeth sullivan designs (source), featured at little moth
i'm smitten with the book wall and the striped ceiling!

by:  lykeebo, featured at house of turquoise
i love the gray and turquoise combination
kenzie's nursery, featured on ohdeedoh

bunk beds by: eve robinson associates, inc.
featured on little moth
a definite space saver and a fun place to hang out!

aqua and coral nursery by lay baby lay, featured on house of turquoise
i love the wall decor and color combo!

H is for harper room, featured on ohdeedoh

by: walsh design group, featured on house of turquoise
it's so turquoise and so girly, i couldn't help but fall in love with this.

no gray skies for malory gray, featured on ohdeedoh
wall papered ceiling, genius!

(source), featured on little moth
wouldn't this be perfect for a sleep over?

taryn's nursery, featured on ohdeedoh
nursery by megan carty, featured on house of turquoise
love the pop of yellow, and the embroidery hoop wall feature.

trio of hanging beds by the bumper crop, featured on ohdeedoh

i'm getting some great ideas from these websites, i hope you do too!!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tickle me tuesdays

i owe this post to the wonderful sarah, of yes teacher!!!  she's the wonderful creator of "tickle me tuesdays"!

since i have baby on my mind, here are some "baby" related things that tickle my fancy:

puj bath tub

bum genius one-size cloth diapers

miss james (of bleu bird vintage)'s gemma
i'm so in love with her blue eyes...

dwell studio for babies

dress up dolls by lovemaestore

hope you enjoyed my version of tickle me tuesday!!!

happy february to you!