Thursday, February 24, 2011

facts of life

my mister and lil' man went over to my in-laws.  my hubby explained to him that he used to live at grandma and papa's house before he got married.  then began the conversation about a fact of life:

D (dom):  why did you get married?
B (bryan):  because mom and i love each other.
D:  how did i become a baby?
B:  your mom and i's love for each other was so strong, that you were born out of that love.
D:  ohhh!  i'm gonna get married too, and i will have a little dominic.

it amazes me how lil' man comes up with these questions and realizations.  i just hope we can keep up... talk about growing up - fast!

(photo taken - 2007)
(photo taken - 2009)
photo taken - 2011
the "loves" of my life...



Elisse said...

Awww! Your little D has grown up fast! He looks so cute!

I'm sure you'll be excited to see him as a big brother :)

ricebabies said...

I love the things kids say, will call you once I find my phone. Its lost.

jozen said...

dom is one smart little fella!

Ivy Black said...

Kids say the best things!
Lovely wonder you're so proud! x

The Words Crafter said...

I'm sorry I haven't been here lately, it's been insane!

I, too, love how the minds of children work and put together pieces so they make sense to them.

He's so handsome!