Sunday, February 20, 2011

kokeshi love

i found melly and me's kokeshi stuffie tutorial through google almost two years ago.  the moment i saw it, i was in love.  i wasn't sure when i would get the chance to make it and for whom.

recently, we found out that one of our friends' daughter got sick.  she's the same age as our lil' man.  i knew right there and then, that i just found the perfect thing to give her.  i've also been saving this amazing "yui kokeshi" fabric from alexander henry for something special.

kokeshi dolls originate from japan.  they are given to kids on special occasions, as a remembrance, or as a sign of luck. 

everytime i see kokeshi figurines or artwork, it never fails to make me smile.  so, here's the kokeshi doll i made using melly and me's tutorial.  i altered the design a little bit.  instead of the flowers, i changed it to a rainbow motif.  i also enlarged the template so she could use it as a pillow, or just to make it more huggable...

here are some work in progress shots:

after embroidery
ready to be flipped right side out
front view
back view of the cutest alexander henry fabric
detail of the hair embellishment
detail of the obi (sash)
detail of the face
finished stuffie from the side
a kokeshi stuffie, ready to be loved...
thanks melly and me for a wonderful tutorial!

the kokeshi in her new home - a lovely girl`s arms...
hope you are having a great week!
xo, carla


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Hi Carla!!
that came out SO good! I'm sure she will love it!!
-Amanda :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

you made her?!? she is ADORABLE!! you are such a craftster girl!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So cuuuuute! ^_^

Elisse said...

Your embroidery looks amazing! You'll have to teach me! I'm not good at this kind of stuff :(

cArLa said...

@amanda, sandy, and sammy - thank you!!!

@elisse - i know some basics... for sure!

P-nut said...

Love it! You did such a great job!

prettylittlethieves said...

she is so cute!