Friday, January 14, 2011

blog crawl: it's in the bag!

hello everyone!  i 'm participating in a blog crawl, hosted by ashley hasty of a hasty life.  thanks ashley!!!

i enjoy being a part of this, because i get to meet so many amazing bloggers.  i am in group 7, there are 12 groups in total!  there are 11 other participants who are posting today, so feel free to visit the blog crawl directory to see what's in their bag!

my purse:  tokidoki PIRATA by le sport sac - because i love simone legno's art.  i'm a huge fan of pop art, pop-surrealism, and graffiti.  i also love all things kawaii and pirates too...

here's what's inside:

  1. pouch (retro rascals fabric by michael miller) - sewn at the spool of thread sewing class.  i'm really in love with this pouch because it's the first thing i've ever sewn with a machine (btw, i still don't own a machine - so it's still in my wish list - note for my mister)
  2. tweezers - brow maintenance, splinter removal - both a must for me and lil' man.
  3. nail cutter - just in case for lil' man, we don't want any bent nail beds.  lil' man snagged one of his nails while playing in the playground before - not fun.
  4. MAC lipstick - for days when i feel like i want a little extra oomph.
  5. philosophy lip balm / gloss - my everyday must have.
  6. cake hand cream - in "snow woman".  it's a rich and velvety smooth hand cream that i can't live without.  plus, it smells sooo good!
  7. lush cuticle cream - "lemony butter cuticle butter" - most nail bloggers swear by the wonders of this cream.  i absolutely love it because i have to constantly wash my hands at home and at work, and it keeps my cuticles super moisturized!
  8. wide tooth comb - for the long locks. 
  9. MAC lipliner - accompanies my lipstick
  10. michael miller fabric wicker pouch - made at the same sewing class at spool of thread.  i'm attached to both of them...
  11. USB adaptor - for my camera's memory card
  12. sony cybershot camera - a must for an avid blogger
  13. camera battery charger - for days when video recording is at its optimum
  14. matt & natt wallet - given to me by a friend who loves ladybugs!  it's my favorite one!
  15. blackberry phone - this is where all my tweeting during the day happens.  i also blog via tumbler with this baby, e-mail, use it as a note pad, etc...
  16. clean and go wipes - occasionally in my purse for lil' man, okay - for me too!  did you know wipes are the best for removing scuff marks on white or light colored kicks?
  17. purell hand sanitizer - for clean hands on the go...
  18. kleenex tissue - for allergies, colds, etc...
  19. uniball signo 207 pen (photo by google) - this is my favorite pen, it is water and smudge proof when dry and also prevents fraud  - best for signing those visa slips.  did i mention it's also great for drawing and card crafting?
make sure to check out the blogger who posted before me, aspiring kennedy, and one who is posting after me, dance to the radio!

i also participated in something similar before, check out my other bag

have a great time blog crawling!!!
xo, carla


Ashley Hasty said...

Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl! I love your colorful bag! So bright and cheerful!! I loved getting a chance to sneak a peek inside your bag!!

<3 Ashley

prettylittlethieves said...

happy new year carla! i hope you are doing well. what a fun blog crawl!

honey my heart said...

love the toki doki print!

ricebabies said...

I could never show whats in my

Its not pretty, and I often find neat things , like a half eaten cookie.

*Simply Colette* said...

Found you via the blog crawl! Cute post :)


The Words Crafter said...

This sounds like a fun blogging adventure. And it really would be an adventure if I showed anyone what wan in my bag. Thankfully, I just cleaned it out today.

It was so bad that when I went to pay for a book, it actually took me a few moments to find my money!!!!! I softly told myself that I really needed to clean out my bag, and the lady at the register laughed and admitted that she had the same problem.

Have a great weekend and thanks for making me smile :)

Liz said...

I finally got to writing my "what's in the bag" post. I love your bag! Cross body bags are the way to go. I dig the bright pattern too!

Fiona said...

Wow!!! Can you fit all that stuff into your purse ?? Awesome!

Elisse said...

Oooh! I like your Matt & Nat wallet! And your purse is so colorful! Can't go wrong with Tokidoki!